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Issue and evidence-based client centred support and assistance

MME Advocacy works alongside people to:

  •  stand against inequality and discrimination.

  • empower, support communities and advocate with Migrant and Minority Ethnic communities.

  • harness and mobilise community expertise, leadership and skills.

  • strategically build “people-bridges” – putting the right people together to enable positive things to happen.

  • create a space/platform of opportunity, both at a strategic and operational level, to negotiate change and positive approaches towards socio-economic, health and wellbeing, educational and cultural inclusion.

Research, Policy and Advocacy (RPA) Consortium


In November 2020, the MME reached out to partners to form a Research, Policy and Advocacy Consortium, initially to respond to the UK Government's consultation on “Ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK", and subsequently to respond to other relevant consultations. 

Download RPA Consortium publications here

Ethnic Disparities Consultation Response (Nov 2020)

NI Bill of Rights Submission: A Place of Sanctuary (Feb 2021)

Programme for Government Statement (Mar 2021)

UK Government 'New Plan for Immigration' Statement (Jun 2021)


A joint statement issued by Migrant and Minority Ethnic Council (MME) in conjunction with Black and Minority Ethnic organisations and Diversity organisations in Northern Ireland.

“Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK Jr


On 25th May 2020, police officer Derek Chauvin murdered 46-year-old George Floyd in

Minneapolis USA. Since then, waves of protests have emerged across the US and the world,

in opposition to police brutality, institutionalised racism, and the use of unnecessary force.

We stand in solidarity with the BAME communities across the world and with migrants and

people from minority ethnic backgrounds to strongly and unequivocally condemn the

gruesome and despicable way George Floyd was murdered and we extend our deepest

condolences to his family and loved ones.

Northern Ireland has seen in recent years, increasing numbers of citizens from many

nationalities that make up approximately 10% of the population and diverse communities have

lived side by side despite the conflict here for decades with some into their 4th generations,

We hereby, collectively, state the following:

- We call on community leaders, all political parties and the NI Executive to ensure incidents

such as this do not occur in Northern Ireland.

- We call on relevant government departments to intensify efforts to ensure the elimination

of all forms of discrimination based on race ethnic origin and other section 75 categories

and to take steps to address, where they exist, inequalities and the reality of institutional

racism experienced by BAME people in health, criminal justice, housing, education and

the economy.

- We call on Northern Ireland Education Authority and education partners to actively

monitor the effectiveness of bullying and harassment policies in institutions of learning.

This should include policies for racial bullying and for the other Section 75 categories to

ensure all children are protected from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

- In view of all the disproportionate adverse impact of Covid-19 virus on BAME members

serving in the healthcare sector and as patients, we call on all communities to adhere to

government and Public Health Agency guidelines.

- In view of the Independent Review and public consultation on Hate Crime, which was

completed in April 2020, we call on the Department of Justice to introduce Hate Crime

Legislation and a statutory definition of Hate Crime as soon as it’s practicable to ensure

equal protection for all.

- We call on the NI Executive to recognise the UN Decade for People of African Descent,

and promote initiatives related to the theme “justice, recognition, and development”.

- We support the democratic right to protest but call on individuals, communities and

organisations to follow PHA and government guidelines.

Organisations and groups that agreed to this Call for Action:


  1. MME Council

  2. Unite Against Hate (UAH)

  3.  African and Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Foundation

  4.  African and Caribbean Support Organisation (ACSONI)

  5.  EMSONI

  6. Beyond Skin

  7. CRAIC NI,

  8. Belfast Interfaith Forum

  9. Belfast Islamic Centre

  10.  ImageNationNi,

  11.  IassistNI,

  12. New Europeans Ireland

  13. Black and Ethnic Minority Women’s Network

  14.  The Indian Community Centre

  15. Prospect Awards,

  16. Belfast Multicutural Association,

  17. ReImagine NI

  18. STEPS – Dungannon

  19. Stronger Together


The MME Council is a strategic advocacy and community think-tank that seeks responses and solutions to key societal issues and whose vision is an inclusive and fair society where the rights and civic responsibilities of everyone are upheld.


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