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Research engagements can play a transformative role by enabling interaction, deeper comprehension, dialogue, evidence gathering and critical questioning of that which matters to migrant and ethnic minority communities and individuals. To that end, we have released a 'Collation and Mapping of Research Related to Migrant and Minority Ethnic Matters in Northern Ireland, produced within Northern Ireland’s Universities'. (The MME Research Report)


And explore the Research Archive at the link on the left below.

The MME Thinktank aims to collate and utilise further research with, of and by our communities and related organisations, to better inform and reflect upon its aims to stand against inequality and discrimination and to promote justice and equity. Click on the information below to see more about our current engagements and projects as they develop. Contact us to be part of this process.

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Research Archive

Supported by a research project from Queen's University Belfast, this growing archive of collated online resources on various initiatives - past and present - informs our work as a think tank. It is open access for interested citizens, educators, researchers and policymakers.

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Circular Library

“… failure to make it into the canons of literature or research does not make the stories of ordinary people less important”

(Gloria Ladson-Billings 1998: 13).


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