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Good Relations Week 2020

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

MME Council are delighted to mark the 30 years of great community work that has gone into Good Relations Week!

The theme for this year’s events (running from 14 – 21 September) is ‘Celebrating our Journey, Embracing our Future’.

And indeed, it has been quite a journey. In 1990, it was common to hear people talk of ‘the two communities’ in Northern Ireland. Today, in 2020, it’s possible to say there is a whole healthy and growing diversity of communities.

In fact, a community is not a static ‘thing’: it’s something we do, together.

So we’re happy to join with the Community Relations Council, and with other partners, to call on all of us, as neighbours old and new, to come together as equals, for all our differences, and to build a richly diverse culture in common.

We in the MME Council think that’s a future worth embracing.

To mark the occasion, then, and to help build a future of diversity, inclusion, and equality, we are launching a brand-new MME Council website, as well as a survey following on from a productive roundtable discussion on 4 August 2020 on ‘What does Black Lives Matter Mean to You?” We welcome your views on the subject! Your feedback of the first roundtable discussion will inform us for the future in planning similar events.

Visit the site to find out who we are and what we do, here

And let us know what you think through the survey here on “What does Black Lives Matter Mean to You?”

From all of us in the MME Council: enjoy the 30th Good Relations Week; and here’s to the next thirty years!


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