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MME Think Tank Chairperson’s Report 2018 - 2023

I am delighted to present this report and would start by thanking the current board members Dr Maurice Marcartney, Mrs Ola Sobieraj, Ms Eileen Chan-Hu, Professor Dina Belluigi and Mr Delwyn Thomas for their dedication, hard work and support in the past year. I would also like to recognise our outgoing members; Mr. Darren Ferguson and Ms. Linda Hutchinson. You have steered the organisation through another challenging but productive year following the aftermath of the pandemic.

It is good to see more organisations working together and not in silos. There are good and commendable work being done across organisations and communities despite the plethora of emerging challenges that society faces as a whole. We must continue to work together to meet unmet needs in recognition of our interdependence, and in parallel with much needed capacity building programmes for new communities and organisations. We should continue to develop effective partnerships based on expertise and capacity rather than, solely and exclusively, single identity / community or along “racial” lines. This is the approach we have taken, unapologetically, from the outset with the MME Think-tank.


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