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Research, Policy and Advocacy Consortium


The UK Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities recently launched a consultation entitled “Ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK: call for evidence”, with a closing date of 30 November 2020.

The MME Council is preparing a response to the consultation, in order to take this opportunity both to raise the issue of ethnic disparities in Northern Ireland and to draw attention to the special circumstances in Northern Ireland, as compared to other regions of the UK.

We wish to extend the invitation to partners to contribute to this response, so that we can return as representative a submission as possible.

Building on this, moreover, we propose the setting up of a consortium which would be capable of responding to any such future consultations or policy initiatives relating to matters of interest to migrant and minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland.

This Research, Policy and Advocacy (RPA) Consortium would aim to work together to address issues of common concern.

Should you wish to join us in drafting the collective response, or should you wish to find out more about the proposed Research, Policy and Advocacy Consortium, please contact us for further details (

To respond directly to the current consultation, visit this site.

13 November 2020


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